My name is Danielle and I am a freelance writer, designer, and textile artist. I'm a cat person in a family of dog owners, I can’t keep a cactus alive, and I love a well-made chai latte.


I am a writer. I love helping people share their stories. My fondness for reading, constantly learning, and beautiful things is at the core of my work. I approach my work with an inquisitive mind; an avid–and very fast–reader, I adore doing research and know it makes me great at what I do. 

I am a designer. I believe beautiful, smart design is essential to our world; design is a powerful way to help shape and improve stories. Design adds context and can make ideas more appealing to your audience. 



I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts in English with an Individualized Minor in Fashion, Design, and Media (I wanted to be a fashion journalist!). Early on, I became interested in the opportunities presented by interdisciplinary studies and how it allowed me to develop a diverse program of study. 

A few years later, the itch to go back to school increased. I became smitten with design during my last term in university and after I graduated, I continued to build on those skills. When presented with the opportunity, I went back to school for a Diploma in Visual Communications. During this time, I also served as the Editor-in-Chief of the student paper and continued to take on small freelance projects.

I've learned that the best storytelling happens at the intersection of an interesting story and beautiful design; something special happens when we marry story and design – ideas become clearer and people want to engage with what you are sharing.