Hi, I’m Danielle


I’m an Edmonton-based designer with a passion for visual storytelling and design. My design journey started with an English degree - studying story and pairing it with courses in art history, media, and, in my last term, becoming smitten with graphic design. After a few years working in marketing, I seized the opportunity to go back to school and formally study design; I chose to leap straight into the freelance life upon graduation.

My design practice is driven by my beliefs that story and design are core parts of our humanity and are powerful tools for connection and social change, plus that a profitable business can also contribute to a better future through environmental and social responsibility. I knew that I wanted to create a values-driven business where environmental responsibility, social justice, and foward-thinking ideas that improve the world we live in could go hand-in-hand with beautiful, thoughtful design.

I’m also passionate about the role that craftsmanship and making things by hand has on society and the creative process. In my free time, you can see me exploring textile arts–particularly weaving and rugmaking techniques–and exploring their intersection with women’s history and culture.


I’m a cat person in a family of dog owners.

I love a well-made soy chai latte.

I’m terrible with houseplants - I kill cacti!




The typeface used throughout this site and my branding is Infini, created by Sandrine Nugue as part of a public commission by the Centre national des arts plastiques. I chose this typeface for both its beauty and its story:

In addition to fostering the creation of a new typeface, this public commission also provides an opportunity to raise general awareness of type design. Although exposed daily to a wide range of typographical creations, many people are still oblivious to the type designer’s craft, to the skills and know-how required to practice this profession.

The Infini typeface conceived by Sandrine Nugue is a decidedly contemporary design. Inspired by epigraphic writing, its various styles – roman, italic and bold – are the upshot of a fruitful dialogue with the history of typography, whose milestones are retraced by Sébastien Morlighem below in a brief history of writing. Infini also admits of a creative and playful use of words, pictograms and ligatures.

- Centre national des arts plastiques