Make things by hand

Make Things By Hand

Graphic Design, Embroidery, Weaving

This poster was inspired by Stefan Sagmeister's Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far series. At the time when I began my design education, I heard this quote from Adriel Rollins during the This Is Design School podcast:

By having to take the steps to make the thing I designed, there's things I learn about the design, about the thing, that I learn by having to make it. There's something that happens when we engage the other senses, other than sight, that changes how we learn and take in information during the design learning spiral. As we design, we are educating ourselves.

Rollins continued on to explain how stepping away from the screen and making physical objects was important for gaining an understanding of physical proportions, materials, and structure. The conversation resonated deeply with me, especially someone who was already interested in textile arts and craft, and was a big influence in my choice to create a lot of physical objects and mix craft with graphic design.

Each panel of this poster was embroidered or woven by me before being photographed and digitally edited into the final composition. 

Final poster design