The typeface used throughout this site and my branding is Infini, created by Sandrine Nugue as part of a public commission by the Centre national des arts plastiques. I chose this typeface for both its beauty and its story:

In addition to fostering the creation of a new typeface, this public commission also provides an opportunity to raise general awareness of type design. Although exposed daily to a wide range of typographical creations, many people are still oblivious to the type designer’s craft, to the skills and know-how required to practice this profession.

The Infini typeface conceived by Sandrine Nugue is a decidedly contemporary design. Inspired by epigraphic writing, its various styles – roman, italic and bold – are the upshot of a fruitful dialogue with the history of typography, whose milestones are retraced by Sébastien Morlighem below in a brief history of writing. Infini also admits of a creative and playful use of words, pictograms and ligatures.

- Centre national des arts plastiques