A picture might be worth 1,000 words but you want more than just pretty graphics. You want it all to mean something. You have a story to tell that can’t just be broken down into a single image.

We’ll engage your customers by combining effective visual language, handmade elements with digital processes and intentional storytelling to create compelling content and branding that will capture their attention and keep them riveted.

Let’s tell interesting stories and make beautiful things!

Here’s How I Can Help!

I create visual stories that help businesses connect with their audiences on a powerful and emotional level. Brands with a story are more recognizable, better able to connect with their clients, and able to facilitate long-term relationships with customers who connect with their brand- not just a single purchase.

I’m interested in sustainable and socially responsible practices in design - including resources and sourcing for sustainable options.

If you’re ready to turn your unique story into compelling branding and visuals, here are some of the ways I’d love to help you!


Ready for a whole new brand and design? Here’s THE WORKS. Strategy, moodboard and visual storytelling, logo, custom illustrations and patterns, collateral pieces.

Brand Refinement

Have some branding and elements you love but need some updates? Let’s give your brand a makeover - moodboard and elements/collateral as needed.

Visual Story Services

Need help distilling your brand and story into a moodboard? I’ll work with you to turn your brand story into a visual reference that you can turn to again and again!

A la Carte Design

Need graphic design services like one-off documents, posters, graphics, etc? I can help you create what you need or support your busy in-house designer!


Hi, I’m Danielle Fuechtmann!

I’m an Edmonton-based designer with a passion for visual storytelling and design. My design journey started with an English degree - studying story and pairing it with courses in art history, media, and, in my last term, becoming smitten with graphic design. After a few years working in marketing, I seized the opportunity to go back to school and formally study design; I chose to leap straight into the freelance life upon graduation.

I celebrate a heritage of craftsmanship and a lineage of makers through my emphasis on combining handmade elements with digital processes and maintaining a studio practice through my textile work.

I believe story and design are core parts of our humanity and, when used thoughtfully, powerful tools for creating social change. I champion a creative practice that looks forward through sustainability and social responsibility.

Danielle took my cluttered and, let’s be honest, garish website and made it clean, organized, bright and attractive to buyers. She used some of my favourite things and turned them into a highly personalized website that reflects me. Not only is she great at creating aesthetically pleasing images and content, she is intuitive to my needs as a small business owner helping to achieve my goals. I really love our brainstorming sessions because we really click and the ideas flow!
— Allison Barnes
It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Danielle. She helped determine an online media strategy for my advocacy group, demonstrating excellent technical, communications, and problem-solving skills, as well as thoughtful consideration of the issue itself. She then she executed the work with creativity and professionalism. The final product is highly impressive and has been an important contribution to our cause; it has also garnered many design compliments. I would recommend Danielle’s work to anyone.
— Kristine Kowalchuk